Gutsy Beef Burger 1

Gutsy Beef Burgers

This is how to make an epic beef burger using ordinary mince/ground beef you get at your local supermarket. It's big, juicy and deliriously satisfying. "If you are a normal person like me that buys ordinary ground/minced beef from the supermarket, this is an epic burger recipe for you." I'm going to be frank. … [Read More...]

This dip does not harden when cooled, and doesn't split when reheated. Just 5 min to make, without using processed cheese. #dip #cheese #nachos #sauce

Nachos Cheese Dip & Sauce

Unlike many warm cheese dips and sauces, this doesn’t harden or congeal as it cools. It is just as good served warm, at room temperature or cold. When warm, it can be used as a cheese sauce… 

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Chicken and Green Vegetable Pilaf - one pot complete meal loaded with green veggies. #one_pot #rice #pilaf

Chicken & Green Vegetable Pilaf (One Pot Complete Meal)

Very few One-Pot-Meals are actually a complete meal. Usually they are carb and/or meat heavy so to balance it out, you need a salad on the side. This pilaf is loaded with vegetables so it… 

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Syrian Chicken with Giant Couscous - 12 - Version 4

Syrian Chicken with Giant Couscous

This is a simple but exotic dish from Syria that is incredibly aromatic. It is made with everyday ingredients and takes just on 15 minutes to prepare to pop in the oven. I like to serve… 

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Chili Con Carne Corn Bread Pie

Chili Con Carne Corn Bread Pie

Chili Con Carne and Corn Bread go together like tomato and basil. So I’ve combined them to make a pie! This is a fabulous way to use up leftover Chili Con Carne and the corn bread batter for… 

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Throw Together Salad Rocket Arugula Beetroot Walnut Feta Balsamic Honey Dressing 2

Rocket (Arugula), Beetroot, Walnuts and Feta w/Balsamic Dressing

Wikipedia says: “A “Throw Together Salad” is a salad that can be made largely by combining together ingredients that require little to no chopping.” I’m joking!! But if there were a definition of a Throw Together… 

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Ham and Cheese Fresh Toast Roll Up 1

Ham & Cheese French Toastie Roll Ups

French toast you can eat with your hands and taste like ham and cheese toasties! Fast to make, great for feeding an army AND you can even make them ahead. Win, win, win! “When… 

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Corn Bread Muffins

Corn Bread Muffins (Fast ‘n Easy)

Corn Bread is a classic southern staple. It is usually made as one large bread, then sliced to serve. But my favourite way of making Corn Bread is as muffins. These babies will take you just 10 minutes… 

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Shredded Beef Slow Cooker Chili Con Carne - so fast to prepare! The shredded beef soaks up the thick, rich sauce so well.

Shredded Beef Chili Con Carne

This chili con carne is made with shredded rather than ground (minced) beef. The beef is incredibly juicy plus it’s faster to make than cooking ground beef. This packs a serious flavour punch, it’s made from… 

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Proper Chicken Chow Mein recipe. Faster than takeout, and a surprising amount of vegetables. #chinese #noodles #stir_fry

Proper Chicken Chow Mein

This is a real Chinese Chicken Chow Mein recipe. Unlike many recipes you may come across, the sauce is made with more than just soy sauce and sugar. It’s faster to make this at home… 

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Sticky Hawaiian Chicken with Coconut Rice 1

Sticky Hawaiian Chicken with Coconut Rice

These sticky chicken drumsticks are marinated with a pineapple based glaze that is sweet, spicy and slightly tangy. It will transport you to Hawaii and make you want to do the hula dance too! Accompanied… 

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Dulce De Leche Shortbread Cookie Sandwich 1

3 Ingredient Shortbread Cookie Sandwich With Dulce De Leche Filling

I am not one for baking cookies and cakes. So if I can get these into the oven in 10 minutes, you can probably do it in 8 minutes! No mixer and just 3… 

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Dulce De Leche 4

Slow Cooker Dulce De Leche (1 Ingredient Caramel Sauce)

This is a 1 ingredient, 15 second recipe that will knock your socks off! 1. Place sealed cans of condensed milk in slow cooker; 2. Fill slow cooker with water; 3. Turn slow cooker on… 

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Huevos Rancheros Tortilla Bowls

Here’s something different to try for breakfast this weekend! This is not for the dainty. You need to dig into this with your hands to really enjoy it!  “My Huevos Rancheros are served in tortilla… 

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Shepherd's Pie Potato Skins - 1

Shepherd’s Pie Potato Skins

Shepherd’s Pie – in potato skins! Making this my “express” way, it takes just 15 minutes to prepare to pop into the oven to get those gorgeous brown crunchy bits on the mashed potato!… 

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Lemon Pepper Pork Grilled Veg Feta Couscous 4

Lemon Pepper Pork w/Grilled Veg Feta Couscous (15 minute meal)

This complete meal is made from scratch and on the table in 15 minutes. Don’t believe me? Try it and see! Have you ever tried to make one of Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals? I… 

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Pull Apart Bacon French Toast Muffins

Amazing what you can make with plain bread! It’s like french toast, a muffin and pull apart bread had a baby……..A great make-ahead to feed an army. Also a superb morning-after recovery food. Highly recommend… 

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