Honey Garlic Salmon (5 Ingredients, 15 Minutes)

Dinner doesn’t get any easier than this. Fancy enough for a dinner party. But just 5 ingredients and 15 minutes. Plus, my tips for how to cook salmon perfectly, every time!

Honey Garlic Salmon - 5 ingredients and 15 minutes. Made from scratch and fancy enough to serve for a dinner party.

I was almost too embarrassed to put this up as a recipe because it’s so simple. But then I realised that this is actually the best example I have of a ridiculously easy and fast dinner that is made in scratch and fancy enough to serve up at a dinner party.


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Italian Sausage Quiche - Quiche filled with yummy Italian flavours!

Italian Sausage Quiche

Something different from the usual quiche – a quiche packed with Italian flavours! It might not be authentic Italian but it is super tasty! I love to take classic dishes and put my own spin… 

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One Pot Beef Lasagna with Layers

One Pot Beef Lasagna with Layers

This is how to make a lasagna WITH LAYERS in one pot. Well, in one fry pan! “OMG, it actually has layers in it!”, my friend exclaimed when I served up this lasagna for… 

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Spicy Parmesan Party Popcorn - the fastest, cheapest snack for parties!

Spicy Parmesan Party Popcorn

This is the cheapest and fastest party food I know. I made it up on the fly one day when I had a friend around for lunch and was pressed for time. It’s ridiculously… 

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Fiery Mexican Beef Short Ribs - made with a Chipotles in Adobo sauce, it takes time to cook but is very fast to prepare. Great depth of flavour.

Fiery Fall Apart Mexican Beef Ribs with Green Mexican Rice

This was meant to be a recipe by a famous Australian chef / restauranteur – Peter Kuruvita, owner of Flying Fish and Noosa Beach House. I couldn’t find half the ingredients. So it ended up nothing like… 

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Mexican Breakfast Tacos (Chorizo and Eggs)

Mexican Breakfast Tacos (Chorizo and Egg)

I was going to call this “Recovery Breakfast Tacos”. Because honestly, after an evening with a few too many vinos, this punchy flavoured breakfast is a perfect “pick me up”. The scrambled eggs have a kick… 

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Double Cheese and Bacon Rolls - topped AND stuffed with cheese and bacon!

Double Cheese and Bacon Rolls

If you’re going to bake bread using yeast, make it worth your while. These are worth it! Easy to make. Just like the ones from Baker’s Delight. But better – because they’re topped AND stuffed with cheese… 

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One Pan Rotisserie Chicken with Potato Gratin - two dishes in one pan! Chicken rubbed with rotisserie flavours and roasted on top of potato gratin. Fast and easy to prepare!

One Pan Rotisserie Flavored Chicken on Potato Gratin & a Giveaway!

This is TWO dishes in ONE PAN! Chicken rubbed with classic rotisserie chicken flavours, roasted on top of a potato gratin so the chicken juices flavour the potato. A great midweek meal or casual… 

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Spicy Little Muffin Tin Chicken Tostadas

Spicy Little Muffin Tin Chicken Tostadas

Great little party food that are fast to prepare and can be made ahead! I cut the rounds using an empty can then they are baked into cups using a muffin tin. Make them as… 

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Mini French Toast - 15 minute made from scratch, great for breakfast in bread (eat with your hands, no crumbs!)

Mini Strawberry French Toast

Great breakfast in bed – no crumbs, no cutlery! AND it’s super fast to make – just 15 minutes and you can make 2 servings in one pan! { ♥ ♥ ♥ Pssst – Valentine’s Day Alert!! ♥ ♥ ♥}… 

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Filipino Chicken Adobo

Filipino Chicken Adobo (Flavour Kapow!)

This is my new favourite Asian chicken dish. Everyday ingredients. An amazing depth of flavour for such a fast dish with so few ingredients! Being of Japanese background, it may be disloyal to say… 

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Slow Roasted Rosemary Garlic Lamb Shoulder

Slow Roasted Rosemary Garlic Lamb Shoulder

Lamb shoulder is tastier, cheaper and EASIER to roast than lamb leg. Virtually foolproof, minimal effort, and incredible meat that is so tender that you won’t need a knife to carve this. And an EXTRA flavour… 

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Truly Crunchy Roast Potatoes - par boil, rough up the surface, dust with semolina then bake in a very hot oven in preheated oil. Based on a Nigella recipe.

Truly Crunchy Roast Potatoes

To me, the perfect roast potato has a thick, golden, super crunchy crust, it is fluffy and moist on the inside and perfectly seasoned. How many times have you gone to the effort of making… 

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Spicy Italian Breakfast Roll Ups (Mini Oven Baked Taquitos) - freezable and microwavable, these are great for breakfast on the go. No mess, no crumbs!

Spicy Italian Breakfast Roll Ups (Breakfast On The Go / Mini Taquitos)

Freezable, microwavable, food you can eat with your hands – useful for people like myself who regularly eat breakfast while driving!

Satay Chicken with Peanut Sauce (Indonesian / Bali version)

Satay Chicken with Restaurant Style Peanut Sauce (Indonesian/Bali)

Many South East Asian countries have a version of Satay Chicken. This Indonesian version is the easiest, you can get everything you need from the supermarket and it is SO tasty. This peanut sauce is thick… 

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Man Candy: Candied Bacon and Nuts

Candied bacon with pecans and walnuts. “Man Candy”. It couldn’t possibly be called anything else. Ridiculously addictive. Easy to make. Be careful who you make this for!

Lisa's Zuppa Toscana - Olive Garden Copycat, but so much better. Stove, slow cooker and oven directions provided, as well as lighter options.

Lisa’s Zuppa Toscana (Olive Garden Copycat)

An Olive Garden copycat (but better!)! An Italian-esque soup made with spicy Italian sausages and potato. It is rich and one of the most intensely flavoured soups I have ever had. 

Pork Spare Ribs with Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

Oven Baked Pork Ribs with Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Oh boy. Talk about finger lickin’ good! Serious flavours, fall apart meat and though it takes time to cook, this is very fast to prepare and it’s all made in one pan, even the sauce!

Pull Apart Garlic Pizza Bread - every piece is like a mini pizza! Can be made ahead and even reheated in the microwave.

Pull Apart Garlic Pizza Bread

Party food you can make ahead, freeze and can even be reheated in the microwave! Every piece of bread you pull out is like a mini pizza!

Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups (Larb Gai)

Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups (Larb Gai, Laab Gai)

This is one of those meals that will make you forget you’re eating healthy. Dinner on the table in just over 15 minutes that is loaded with fragrance, a hit of spice and full of freshness…. 

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Party Pies (Mini Beef Pies) - the classic Australian party / footy food, in mini form. Easy to make and freezes brilliantly.

Party Pies (Aussie Mini Beef Pies)

“Classic Aussie meat pies – in mini form made in muffin tins!” In the lead up to Australia Day on 26 January 2015, I’m going to share a series of classic Aussie fare. And I… 

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