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Hi, I'm Nagi!

I believe you can make great food with everyday ingredients even if you’re short on time and cost conscious. You just need to cook clever and get creative!

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  1. Janis says

    Hi Nagi,
    In USA I use Fage(when I don’t make my own)… However in Australia the Greek Yoghurt all seems to be Greek STYLE yoghurt, ie it is made with cream or thickeners rather than a true strained yoghurt. Do you have any suggestions for a Greek yoghurt (strained) in Australia?

      • Janis says

        The Farmers Union like the Jalna has cream in it ie Greek STYLE – so not like Greek yoghurt which is high protein(due to straining) but instead a lot of fat. Less obvious if you don’t eat both – very obvious “greasy” feel if you are used to the real Greek yoghurt. You don’t find the greasiness off putting? Taste also seems a little lacking to me… but then I make my own in USA or get the Fage – which is fantastic yoghurt! For some reason this creamed yoghurt has become popular lately in Australia. It stands out when you make a choclolate yoghurt pudding where the yoghurt flavour is a large part of the taste. I thought the dressing would also have the same?

  2. Alyssa says

    Hi Nagi! I don’t have a food processor at home. What’s an alternative to blitz the ceasar dressing? I only have a Nutribullet. Thank you!

  3. Ricki Buck says

    Nagi, these look wonderful but can you tell me how many tablespoons, or servings the make so I can calculate the points? Thanks!

    • Nagi says

      Hi Ricki, I suppose it depends on personal preference and how much dressing you put on a salad, I can calculate the total for you if you’d like?

  4. Maria says

    Ok I have to confess I was a like suss about the taste and creaminess of these dressings vs mayo dressings BUT I was pleasantly surprised to to discover that these are delicious! Plus I don’t feel guilty having a second serve 🙂

  5. Cindy says

    Nagi, you’re a blast! Ran into you looking for slow cook Turkey receipe, it was stupendous, many thanks. Yogurt dressings, I almost gagged when my 40 year old son said his favorite salad dressing was grocery store ranch, so I was delighted to see & send your YOGURT version, it sound wonderful & I’m waiting for his rave review. Many thanks. A newer member. PS. I miss my “Dozer”, love yours.

    • Nagi says

      Haha! I’m so happy you loved the turkey! It’s just so easy to make salad dressings at home – I hope he loves it and I’ll await to hear his feedback!

  6. Lola Marshall says

    this is just suggestion. I love your salads and dressings in fact I love all your recipes.
    Could we please have salads and perhaps dressings as a separate category . Im not a patient teacher sorry

  7. Adrianne says

    These all look delicious Nagi! I have used greek yoghurt a lot in salad dressings, however, I haven’t added as much variety to mine yet as you have done. Your video and post is thought provoking and interesting how engaged you are with creating each individual dressing. Thanks for sharing! P.S If you get a robot vaccuum, that will clean the rug then you can spend more time coming up with fabulous recipes 🙂

      • Lisa says

        …besides it might get confused by the “modesty daisy”…tee hee 🙂 Sticking these recipes on my fridge. Thanks for the recipes and the Dozer giggles x

  8. vivian says

    I made the lemon dressing for a green salad to serve with monte cristo sandwiches and it was lovely. Looking forward to trying the other dressings, and will look for something to replace the anchovies, since I’m vegetarian. Thanks for a great recipe!

  9. J says

    My darn browser stopped working and I couldn’t even get google to work for 2 days! 😡😩😭
    Only google is working now!

    These salads look yummy! I’ll be trying the ranch one first. Some of my family uses ranch dressing like it was ketchup…on everything! 😂
    I eat yogurt alot cuz mayo makes me sick…lactose.

    My dog always lays like that and he sheds alot, but he doesn’t have a daisy like Dozer does. 😂

  10. Vera G says

    Dozer, Dozer….yes agree it’s lots of hard work to clean up. As for salad dressing am happy to use yoghurt. Can’t wait for more stable temp so I can make my own yoghurt. Yum! Last two days was hot, bit hi it but yesterday all day heavy clouds. Was happy spend both days at beach, lots of walking and bit in water. But yesterday around 04 Pm big storm, thunder, heavy downpour in 15 min flash flooding when people are going home. Will be more storms over next3 days and two days will be unusual cold snap, brrrr, brrr. Will be cooking yesterday got whole roast chicken for 04.50 dollars so am making salad, chicken spread for s/w with hips of fresh herbs from garden, and risotto with mosh room and chicken. Also got them cheap ,400 gr only 04.00. Love cucumber salad with dill, garlic, yoghurt and smoke paprika, yum. Have good week!